Four-jaw chuck, 80 mm, internal and external exciting

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four jaw chuck

Four jaw chuck, fits RounDINO 120,

80 mm outer diameter

The four-jaw chuck includes an adapter for attachment to the axis of rotation RounDINO 120 with 80mm diameter

Four jaw chuck 80 mm with cylindrical centering according to DIN 6350

Diameter 80 mm
Jaws outside 2 – 22 mm
Jaws outside 25 – 70 mm
Jaws inside 22 – 63 mm
Max. rotational speed 4700 min-1
Total clamping force 13 KN
Concentricity < 0,05 mm
  • With change key
  • With reversible jaws
  • With adapter / chuck

con_infoUse the 5-channel control to operate an additional axis (rotary axis, tangential axis etc).
The controls are only available in conjunction with a machine!

con_infoBecause almost 90% of the demand for a 5-channel microstep control and subsequent expansion of an additional axis, the production of the 4-channel control won’t be produced any more in the near future!
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