Frequency Converters

Frequency Converters in two versions

HF Converters

for milling and engraving spindles


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con_info 95 % of all milling and engraving applications can be carried out with our Kress Milling Spindle with 1050 Watt. However, if you are working in the area of micro-engraving or if you need a spindle that runs more than 40,000 rev./min. or even 50,000 rev./min. maintenance free per day over years, you will get best results with a HF Spindle, and if it was only for its running features in the industrial area.

Frequency Converter HFU-200
HF Converter for all 33mm Spindles

More information on HFU-200

Frequency Converter HFU-500
HF Converter for all 42mm Spindles

More information on HFU-500