Laser Scanning System LaserProbe4500

Laser Scanner
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for 3D scanning objects up to 100mm high, all materials except transparent or reflective



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3D laser scanning system / laser scanner for almost all materials
Our “LaserProbe4500″ laser scanning system is designed for the non-contact 3D laser scanning of objects with a laser to create three-dimensional computer models and to create model files suitable then for the use or execution in a CNC milling system is.
The laser scanning system is constructed so that it can be used with any CNC machine, also servo machine, regardless of the cross-linked type of control.

Of course, the basic configuration, including the complete wiring for all High-Z CNC milling machines made by CNC-STEP is used.

The included scanning software for analysis and filtering of the scan results, “Dorgonia” is available in English and German, as well as the complete manual.
The instructions to the system you can see in the right “column Download” to download or!
Here you can watch the Video to the scanning process.

Description Value
Materials to be scanned Everything, except transparent or reflective materials
Raster scan for XY any
Field scan for XY any
Scanning depth, mm 100 or customized as desired *
Average scanning speed, points / second 4500
Average time required for an area of 100 x 100mm 6-10 minutes
Base distance, mm
Penetration, mm
Overall height from machine table, mm
Deviation, mm
Resolution, mm
Maximum operating speed, points / second 10000
laser Type 3 mW, wavelength 660 nm
protection classification IP67
Operating temperature, ° ? -10…+60
Time for ongoing work unlimited
Full and final dimensions, mm Fig.1
Weight, g 100

Operating principle of the laser scanner:

The laser of the laser scanning system senor is placed on the movement system of the machine, fixed. With the scanning operation moves the CNC system of the machine the laser sensor line by line in a customer defined in the softwre distance (from 0.01 mm) on the prototype of the object.

The laser sensor of the laser scanner measures the distance (Z-Koordinat) to the object surface.
Data acquisition of the laser sensor and motion sensors are synchronized (XY coordinates), the result is sent to the PC via USB port.

Thus determine the XYZ coordinates, the arrangement for the laser-scanned surface.
It a digital prototype is created, the file is saved as a point as well as a conventional STL format, which can be used for further processing with CNC.


There are various noise and smoothing filters for various materials available in order to influence the scan result is positive.

Applications of the laser scanner:

3D scale changes
Production of tailor-made orthopedic parts
Jeweler technology, orthopedic mechanics
and many others …

System Requirements:

  • Processor: not lower than Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz
  • RAM: not less than 1024 MB (4096MB recommended)
  • Memory: not less than 20 GB, NTFS file system is required
  • Video card: ATI / NVidia and not less than 256 MB video memory
  • Operating system: Windows 2000/ Windows XP
  • Other: USB 2.0 is required