Milling motor 800 watts – Kress 800-FME-Q



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800-FME-Q with 800 watts
10.000-29.000 rev./min.

Milling Motor Kress 800 FME-Q

Product information Kress 800-FME-Q cnc milling motor

Due to its continuous adjustable number of revolutions starting with 10.000 rev./min., this motor can be greatly applied for all applications on wood and plastics with a high melting point.

Those materials start to melt at a number of revolutions of 10,000 rev./min. when using cheaper milling tools. This results in a milling degrade and a minimum of quality.

Also the motor is extremely silent, thus applicable in your cellar without disturbing your neighbours.

A video on the milling motor and its sound level.

Product characteristics:

      • MAXX-Power engine 800 watts
      • Slimmest design for best ergonomics
      • Solid shaft electronic control for constand achievement and number of revolutions
      • Gentle approach and current surge limitation
      • Armared coil of the engine vagainst dust and particle infestation
      • Steel engine flange with double stocking for higher milling forces
      • Spindle lock for easy changig of the milling tools
      • Electronic overload protection prevebts an overheating of the engine
      • Switching off carbon brush condustors for the protection of the engine
      • To the drive suitably by bending waves
      • Mains cable with patent Quick catch and 4m rubber inlet. In the lengths of 4 and 6 meters as accessories available.

Technical Data:

      • max. 800 Watts
      • Idling speed 10.000…29.000 1/min.
      • Clamping device 8 mm
      • Clamping neck-Ø 43 mm
      • weight 1,4 kg
      • Super quiet, only 74dB at 5,000 1/min!

Scope of delivery:

      • Kress milling motor 800-FME-Q
      • Precision clamp 8 mm

con_infoUse the 5-channel control to operate an additional axis (rotary axis, tangential axis etc).
The controls are only available in conjunction with a machine!

con_infoBecause almost 90% of the demand for a 5-channel microstep control and subsequent expansion of an additional axis, the production of the 4-channel control won’t be produced any more in the near future!
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