Scan 1000 Pro 3D probe

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Scan1000 Pro / true 3D probe including a probe tip.
Scanning direction x, y 360, and z

The 3D probe, the samples actually all around (most competitors offer buttons that can only vertical buttons with a tip).

The tactile scanner of CNC-STEP with an accuracy of about 0.03 mm. This means you are in conjunction with the software WIN PCNC Profi able an arbitrarily large object (to traverse the machine size) and a maximum depth of about 30mm to scan directly to our machine and the data obtained for milling for new prototypes or to use small series.

To digitize the simplest way your 3D objects to be reproduced. In WIN PCNC, the thus obtained NC file or point cloud then be scaled as desired.

Approximately 0.02 to 0.04 mm with an accuracy absolutely reliable and accurate for most applications.

Our High-Z is standard equipment since 10.2005 connection jack available. WIN PCNC supports the professional touch scanner in the easiest way.

A stylus is included.
Also ball-probe tips can be used.