ScanPlus Pro-Kit

ScanPlus Pro-Kit

3D Scanning system

for relief contour casts



(inc. 19% sales tax)

ScanPlus-Pro Kit by CNC-STEP

Our patented 3D scanning system* ScanPlus-Pro immediately available!

From now on you don’t need any expensive laser technique or slat light scan technique in order to produce a 3D scan of simple relief contours without undercut. We have developed material (protected under the utility model law) and a procedure, which allows to capture 3D items in minutes with an accuracy rate of approx. +/-0.2 mm * to a maximum of approx. 15 – 18 mm “height”, process it and save it completed milling file (scaleable in size).

You can obtain this complete package at CNC-STEP incl. in-house software, which can convert and export your 3D scans into stl. or dxf files for further processing.
* The accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm can only be obtained if all components reach their optimum settings (camera, brightness of the background light for reworking with photo software). No guarantee.

Content of the complete starter package ScanPlus-Pro Kit and prices:

  • Software 3D PhotoFormer by CNC-STEP/download version, single licence
  • Software CorelPhoto Paint 11 OEM full version (image editing)
  • Software CorelDraw 11 OEM full version (for the outline of 2D images)
  • Software CorelTrace 11 (i.e. to vectorize drawings and milling in 2D)
  • 1 kg of special cast mass (hermetically sealed it lasts for approx. 6 months)
  • An energy-saving lamp with a specially translucid surface for „scans“ up to approx. 12 x 12 cm
  • A Plexiglas surface for the cast (for simple conversion to light guides)
  • A set of no.10 engraving stylus for exact attention handling of your scan on PVC, aluminium, MDF, etc.

For repurchase you can get following single items: cast mass (89.00 Euros per kg) as well as VHM no. 10 engraving stylus (139.00 Euros), Corel 11 OEM full version complete at 49.00 Euros.

You can also immediately purchase the software only at 179.00 Euros!

con_info In addition you need a good digital camera with stand (reasonable to avoid jittered photos). We recommend Fuji FinePix S-5700, S-5200 or S-5000, which are all available at eBay at approx. 150.00 Euros.

We have manufactured some patterns for you, which surely are not totally perfect (this depends on the individual setting during photographing as well as the settings for the reworking of contrasts and scrim diffuser of the photo programme). However, these patterns will give you an impressive idea of how you are able from now on to apply our scan system and a simple digital camera in order to produce 3D scans quick and at a reasonable price.

Scan examples

Bust or part of a bust
When starting you take our special cast mass, which has a few reasonable and special characteristics (protected under the utility model law). Roll out the mass, produce a clear cast on the mass and take it off again.

Following the cast will be back-lighted by means of a strong light source. This produces a lithophany – a translucid 3D cast, which is back-lighted by a light source and thus reflecting a grey scale picture.

Now you take a photo of this lithophany and can then process it with our specially developed software 3D PhotoFormer (tool definition and processing strategy). Following you save it as NC file and send it via WIN PCNC Economy to the machine.

Scan examples

Brass Relief

For our milling tests we used MDF. You can certainly use the file for all other materials and mill in 3D. At the moment we are still working on the best settings for the photo and a possible reworking in a software programme i.e. CorelDraw Paint (included in delivery as full version).

Our software 3D PhotoFormer is not only able to simulate the finished files alongside the chosen tools, but will also display real processing time. By means of several post processors the files can be applied to almost all other CNC milling machines.

Scan examples

Toy Gun

With the software CorelPhoto Piant (included in delivery), you are also able to mask, cut and attach individual parts (i.e. for the relief of a picture frame). Our software 3D PhotoFormer allows you to save the finished files in stl.

By means of 3D PhotoFormer files, which are saved in NC, dxf or stl, you can further process dates i.e. in DeskProto or calendar these dates by means of special tools or change appearance and surface.