Tangential knife / module TCM-3

cutting Module


for the contour cutting in various materials



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Tangential cutting module / tangential TCM 3

Accurate results by sophisticated technology and high quality components

The module is offered with all of our CNC routers simply drive.
con_info When used with external equipment may need to be changed the pin assignments.

The tangential cutting module / tangential TCM 3 is particularly suitable for the accurate cutting of foils and flocking material.
Since the blade is rotated by an actuator in each direction of cutting, even very small contours and journals are processed accurately and quickly.
The pressure of the sliding foot can hereby be adjusted sensitively about a 12-fold forming wheel racing.
The processing of various materials is thus made possible.

Since these processing units have an open interface that can be used even on systems from other manufacturers.


  • Contact pressure sensitive adjustment
  • Immersion depth of the blade continuously adjustable
  • CNC machined, rugged full metal housing
  • Durable and sturdy precision kinematics
  • Optoelectronic, contactless detection
    the zero position of the blade
  • Access to systems from different manufacturers due to Euro-43mm neck
  • All parts anodized


  • Control electronics supply 12V DC
  • 25-pin, integrated connector for quick access to equipment
  • Dimensions: 86 x 58 x 220mm
  • Quick and easy installation due to standardized 43mm recording

Typical applications:

  • foil material
  • T-shirt flock
  • adhesive Films
  • Paper and paperboard
  • Rill processing of cardboard

Features at a glance:

  1. Encapsulated aluminum electronic housing
  2. 12-way races forming wheel for contact pressure control
  3. Display the contact force
  4. Euro 43mm intake
  5. Detent for immersion depth adjustment
  6. Teflon slider
  7. quality carbide blades
  8. quality stepper or servo motors
  9. 25-pin D-SUB connector Central

Quality, made in Germany !

tangential knife above view

Accessories and options for the tangential:

  • Solid carbide blades available for different cutting jobs
  • The blades have a 6mm shaft and are compatible with commercially available knives.
  • Teflon slide mounts of different diameters are available
  • Spring sets with different pressure values
  • Rill mounts for processing corrugated board and board

Modular double-tool head for tangential cutting module:

  • For flexible use of the tangential cutting units we offer a multi-shot. The individual recordings are stored linearly and equipped with elastomeric dampers end positions. They can be delivered pneumatically or electrically.
  • By combining the EOT-2 with the tangential cutting module TCM-3 can be implemented a variety of cutting applications without changing tools.

Combination of cutting modules and Spindles or HF spindles:

  • With its modular design, different cutting units and Spindles or HF spindles are combined.
  • The individual tools can be replaced by loosening only one screw quickly and easily

Easy installation with very good documentation:

  • Comprehensive documentation is included;
  • The connection of the cutting head at various CNC controls is massively simplified.
  • Documentation and occupancy can be found in the download section in the right column of this page.
    Check out the accessory “oscillating tangential cutting knife”, which is suitable for the oscillation much thicker and firmer materials!

con_infoAdditional info:

All interested parties who were always on a CNC lathe lookout have, with our CNC milling now rotate about our software ConstruCAM-3D possible in dimensions up to approximately 500mm in length and maximum diameter of about 70mm even controlled CNC or turner

Data TCM3stepper motor TCM3Servomotor
Case height approx 192 mm 219 mm
Case width approx 58 mm
Housing depth about 86 mm
Distance from center of round mounts to rear cover approximately 29 mm
Weight about 2.500g
Diameter circular inclusion 43mm Euro neck
Blade hub approximately 8 mm
Blade shaft Solid carbide end 6 mm h7 with Weldon clamping surface
Blade adjustment Fixation on Weldon surface on the blade shaft
Rotation Available 360 degrees, not an attack, peripheral operation is possible
Sliding shoe PTFE sliding element bearing different diameters
Connectors D-SUB 25-pin connector D-SUB 25-pin connector
Plug connectors for power voltage
Electricity situation electronics 12V DC
Driving servomotor external stepper driver
(not supplied)
external servo driver