6-fold tool changing station for HF spindle

Tool Changing Station

6-fold Tool Holding Fixture

for 600 Watt HF Spindle



(inc. 19% sales tax)

6-fold Tool Changer / Changing Station for HF Spindle and adjustable HF spindle/high frequency spindle with 600 Watt and 28,000 rev./min.

We would like to introduce to you our new, high-quality tool changer (599 Euros) and the adjustable HF spindle with quick-release taper control (all prices are included in the instruction manual, see download right), as well as the necessary control unit.

By means of the compact measures and the light weight, the tool changer is specially constructed for smaller portal milling machines. Of course, it can also be used for big machines.

Because of the high rotation accuracy of a maximum of 10 µm, you will get best results even when working with the smallest milling drill or styluses. With this system you can easily change a milling drill – either manually or automatically – without loosing the measure on the Z axis.

Smooth motor of our tool changer and the good spindle head mounting allows an utmost smooth operating process. All rotating parts are made of stainless steel and hardened spring steel. All other parts consist of hard anodizing aluminium. Maintenance free spindle storage is made for revolutions up to 30,000 rev./min.

Control system controls the air supply of the pneumatic changing system and the air supply of a magazine respectively the blow process of the clamp cone before using it manually or via PC signal.

Furthermore it controls the infinitely variable number of revolutions of the spindle motor (manual or via 0V-10V signal). The number of revolutions is shown binary displayed in percentage.

Many integrated security functions avoid the opening of the chuck while processing. Signals are conveyed via a control system by means of a 15-pole D sub cable (pin content designed for WinPC-NC-Profi).

Consistent with the HF high frequency spindle, we also provide the necessary receivers, ER11 chuck set and tool holding fixture, as well as a complete pneumatically closing changing station.

Our closed 6-fold changing station provides the crucial advantage of proctecting the tools from splints during the working process. This guarantees acceptable holding fixture and rotation even over a long processing time.

con_info  Described spindle receiver processing is not needed in conjunction with a High-Z machine of our company!

Watch a video on the manual changing function of a HF spindle.

Video about 6-fold changer on the manual and software regulating number of revolutions up to a maximum speed of 28,000 U/min (also very interesting regarding the noise which is low).