High-Z S-400 CNC Router and CNC Engraver with trapezium spindles

Our smallest High-Z machine for all 2D and 3D cnc jobs

Also available as speed version with up to 12.000 mm/Min !!


2.237,00 € (inc. 19% sales tax.)

Specifications / Technical Data S-400 CNC Router / CNC Router Machine and CNC Engraver with high quality trapezium spindle


With the High-Z CNC Router you purchase an allround talent in TÜV-certified quality.

If you want to clamp and fix complex workpieces on the worksurface, or, clamp work-pieces in a high bench vise (the cnc milling machine sits on a frame-construction, is driven by 2 motors and therefore allows to be positioned above a piece to be processed).

Or if you simply want to do engraving- or drilling jobs…..you can work on a flat surface, with a pieces of sheet MDF fixed to it. Plane it once and you will be able to work with a precision of +-0,02 mm depth.

All cnc machines are being delivered with black energy-chains on all axis, which allows a better cabling management.

Also all cnc milling / engraving machines are equipped with an emergency stop button. An additional emergency stop you find in front of the controller.

Basic equipment of all High-Z CNC milling machines:

Software ConstruCAM-3D ( up from S-720 and S-400/T ) included ( not S-400 ) !!

Contact free reference switch and emergency stop button as well as 22mm thick linear guide ways and individually adapted screw nuts !!

High-Z S-400 CNC Router

Equipment / Product details CNC Router S-400:

    • Drive : 4 brushless stepping motor by Nanotec with 4,2 Amps each
    • 2 motors for constant tension and compression during milling operation on X-Axis
    • Guide ways X and Y axle 22 mm / Z Axis 16mm, grinded and with 61hrc hardened surface
    • Feed through of long workpieces possible, because there’s no belt drive at the end of the X-axle
    • Ball bearings at both sides of ball screws on X and Y axis
    • Working speed around 3000 mm/min max.
    • Traverse speed of rapid feed: max. 4.000 mm/min
    • Technical resolution : 0,003 mm ( 1/10 Step )
    • Reversal error max.: +/- 30µm ( 0,03mm )
    • Table size / clamping area: 730 x 390 mm
    • Traverse Paths: X=400 mm; Y=300 mm; Z= 110 mm
    • Reference- and limit switch on all axes
    • Double safety emergency stop button
    • Energy chain for clean cabling
    • Total dinemsions incl motors: L x W x H = appr. 730 x 570 x 575mm
    • Milling Motor anchorage: Euroneck Ø43mm
    • incl. Software WIN PCNC Light (optional WIN PCNC Economy, USB or professional)
    • complete machine includes 4 driver micro step controller, 4 x 3,5 Amps
    • modular frame for universal application
    • Weight appr. 32 kg
    • An approx. 30-minute long introduction during pick up and an unlimted telephone support via Team Viewer Software are also includet.
    • An approx. 2 hours long introduction and an installation of software on your brought note book/ PC as well as a explanation of fundamental terms of Corel Draw etc. possible, too.

Technical data contained in the price TÜV-certified digital control system, tailored to the CNC engraving machine / CNC milling machine:

  • 4-Channel Stepper motor -CNC-Controller with actual SMD-Technology
  • Main voltage 115 – 240 Volt / 47 – 63 Hz.
  • Motor current 4 x 3,5 Ampere
  • Microstep controller Resolution 1/10-Step / 2000 Steps/Rev.
  • 4 Connections for 4 brushless Motor / Stepper motor
  • Connection with parallel port and Software WIN PCNC Light, Economy or USB with WIN PCNC USB or Profi version. ( Also possible:MACH3, USBCNC, NC-Easy LINUX EMC and LINUX CNC and much other stepper driver software.)
  • “Sleep-Function” for controlling current down
  • Oszillation motor-Connection 24 Volt by PWM controllable ( for example: Tangential knife ) or 24 Volt constant for motor Break by ST-plug
  • 2 relais for maximum 1200 Watt by Software switchable (up from WIN PCNC Light), 230 Volt, max. 6,0 A / Plug (for example Air compressor, cooling, exhaust, dust extraction).
  • 0 – 10 Volt for connecting a HF converter for an high frequency spindle
  • 12 Status-LEDs for monitoring all important function (Power, Toggle, Move, X, Y, Z, C; Overheat, Emergency stop, Relais: Spindle / Cooling, Short Circuit)
  • Connection possibility of 4 end- or. Reference switches and one Emergency Stop switch
  • Motor connection by D-Sub 9-pin. (C-Axis: 15-pin.)
  • Emergency-Stop Switch
  • Overheating protection
  • Short circuit protection

More information, several videos about the applicability of the machine and customer implementations can be found here.

Use this cnc router as an plasma cutter ! Info here

The name High-Z derives from the fact, that the machines lower construction allows to work on pieces with unlimited height.


Because almost 90% of the demand for a 5-channel microstep control and subsequent expansion of an additional axis, the production of the 4-channel control won’t be produced any more in the near future!

Take advantage of the High-Z 3D cnc-router as a plasma cutting machine for plasma cutting of steel, etc. Infos here !!!


 Software Process:

You simply need to draw, control the tool path and finally move the machine with the generated G-codes.

Usable software:

-ConstruCAM-3D – WIN PCNC- Mach2/Mach 3 –
-DeskProto – FilouNC – WIN PCNC- and much other variants