DeskProto 3d machining software

DeskProto / DeskProto Lite

3D milling as easy as never before

as Version 4.2, Version 5.0 und 5.0 Lite available



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Software DeskProto and DeskProto-LITE

SOFTWARE to convert STL, DXT etc. in DIN-ISO (G-codes).

DeskProto has been designed for quick and uncomplicated development of CNC-programs from 3D-geometries .

It has been taken special care that also non-CNC-specialists can achieve results quickly.

Rapid-Prototyping with the usage of CNC-machines speeds up the development- and design-process, since a tangible result is produced fast.

For deveoping CNC-programmes DeskProto only requires a 3D-model. Programs are developed for 3-axis machines, optional with rotation-axis (see image)

Standard-Projects can be saved and used for new projects later on.

DeskProto is attractive. A conventional PC, a short learning process and a small price.

Try it for yourself and test the complete package of DeskProto LITE for 14 days at home on your computer

Download Desk Proto trial versionn

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

A fast product launch is an important advantage compared to the rivalry. With an insert of Rapid Prototyping during the design process you’re able to improve the product quality already at earliest state of development, a long time before you prepare the tool by means of “hand samples”, you can check and upgrade your product with comparable low complexity and costs.

Rapid Prototyping is vitally important for posterior success of a product.

You would save time because of fast insertion and achieve material advantages by early product improvement. Milling offers many advantages in comparison to coat improved technologies.

So you can use pre-existing CNC machines. A precise and fast production would be supported by usage of competitive materials which allow high cutting rate.

con_infoYou can find examples on our 3D-Page, which all have been converted from STL Files in DIN ISO Files with Software Desk Proto. Further on these files were processed with PCNC or WIN PCNC .