PC-NC machining CAM Software

The universal software
Milling, plotting, engraving, etc.



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The universal software for your projects, independant if 2D, 2,5D or 3D milling !!
Milling, plotting, engraving, drilling, sanding, cutting, airbrushing and more with PC-NC the software which will transform your standard-PC into a universal stepping-motor-controller.

The smart controller software PC-NC runs on all commercially available standard PCs and controls up to 3 stepping-motor-axis directly via a parallel printer-interface. No additional processor card is necessary. With 3 stepping-motor-axis one can build up a variety of XYZ-mechanics and master complex tasks. PC-NC is equipped with a thought through user concept. Its modern and clear user interface with pull-down menus, windows and help menu related to individual situations makes it easy to learn and manageable.

PC controls 3-axis-machines

together with a PC control of 2.5 D-mechanics is a real snap. Because of its wide-ranging parameter possibilities almost all 3-axis-stepping-motor-machines can be controlled. Typical applications with PC-NC are….
  • Cutting out front panels
  • Drilling PCBs
  • Cutting out foils
  • Applying glue
  • Milling contours
  • Engraving signs
  • Lettering
  • Laser cutting

No additional hardware is necessary
PC-NC runs on all commercially available PCs ranging from 386 to a fast Pentium. Stepping motor output-stage with the necessary pulse / direction signal is governed via the PC’s parallel interface. An additional processor card is not necessary.

The signals transferred via interface can govern all commercially available stepping-motors, given that their ports can be powered with +5 Volt (TTL –level).

Easy to use
The user-interface has been designed according to the latest regulations and offer a pull-down menu as well as windows and short cuts, with which important and frequently used commands can be learned and activated easily.

Wide ranging tool management
For each project a range of individual tool parameters such as cutting depth, cutting speed or feed rate are definable for each toll to be used. Technology data also includes running order for tools, path direction and radius correction for the cutting path. All parameters and tool settings are saved according to each project, in order to activate all settings at a later stage again.

Graphic preview

Graphic preview allows quick control and offers helpful functions for fine tuning. The graphic preview can even be activated during any operation and therefore describes a quick and save control of the milling process.

Plotting-formats, drilling-formate and NC-Formats

PC-NC processes NC-data in the format HP-GL and drilling data according the standards Sieb & Mayer and Excellon, as produced by many CAD and layout softwares. Data complying with DIN 66025 (G-codes) for professional machine tools can also be processed.

PC-NC – an overview:

  • easy, intuitive operation and online help
  • keyboard and joystick allow traverse accuracy per step
  • graphic preview with choosable colours and milling simulation
  • runs on all PCs from 386 upwards
  • step frequency up to 30 kHz
  • dissolution, speed and ramp length completely definable
  • wide ranging tool management with definable running order and radius correction
  • end- and reference switch check
  • additional signals for router, cooling pump, power reduction and boost
  • reads NC-data in format HP-GL, various drilling formats and DIN66025
  • automated measuring of tool length and compensation
  • teaching and optimisation of data
  • macros for complex operations
  • governing of automated change
  • control of rotational speed for mill- and drill spindle
  • comfortable editor integrated and as additional software
  • manual of wide scope

con_infoIn price of our offered machines PCNC is always included !