PlasCUT-1350 Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter

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(inc. 19% sales tax)

The latest High-Z PlasCUT-1350 as CNC-controlled lowcost plasma arc cutter / plasma arc torch, torch equipment
Of course, the system can be used as a CNC milling – and engraving machine ! Info about milling and engraving with RaptorX

The plasma arc cutting equipment High-Z PlasCUT-1350 is suited for plasma arc torching as well as milling wood, PVC, etc. Delivery is complete with above shown base frame including connecting pieces and two pull-out drawers for water fillings. With a movement speed of a maximum of 2.5 meters per minute during operation, it processes all sliceable metallic materials up to 16 mm.

Connection for exhaust systems available on the backside. Wavy-arranged, exchangeable supporting plates. Stable construction. Usable for milling works on wood, PVC, etc.

Download data sheet of the Hypertherm Powermax 1250 and torch cutter.

Can be loaded from the side or from the top without any problem. Due to the contact surface of 1650 x 1200 ideal for plate standard format of 1500 x 3000, cut in three parts.

Traverse paths of the machine: Plasma operation: 1350 x 1050mm. Milling operation:1400 x 1050mm.
In a few weeks is also available for about 1,600 euros, an electronic height control system, which allows to cut corrugated iron sheets.

Technical data of included microstep controller:

  • 4-channel control
  • Power up to 4 x 2.4 A
  • Micro pacing 1/8-Step / 1600 steps / rev.
  • 4 ports for 4 stepper motors
  • Connection to parallel port or in USB WIN PCNC Economy to USB port
  • “Sleep function” for power reduction in standby
  • Protect against high voltage spikes
  • E-stop button, 2-way secured
  • Control of 2 power-consumers up to 1200 watts via software switchable (from WIN PCNC Economy), 230 V, 8A
  • Power Supply Relay / Cooling
  • Aluminum heatsink / 2 active fans 60 & 40mm
  • Ability to connect a total of 5 end-and reference switches / stop button
  • Connection ports of motors and control line through D-sub 9-pin.

con_info More information, several videos about the applicability of the machine and customer implementations can be found by following the link.

The name High-Z derives from the fact, that the machines lower contruction allows to work on pieces with unlimited height.

Machine Type High-Z PlasCUT-1350
Platen Area 1650 x 1200 mm
Traverse Path X 1350 mm / Milling: 1400 mm
Traverse Path Y 1050 mm
Traverse Path Z 110 mm
Admission Height Z 100 mm up to frame margin
Positioning Speed Max. approx. 12.000 mm/min
Step Size / Resolution 0,0079375 mm
Repeat Accuracy 0,02 mm
Positioning Error calibratable
Ball bearing Spindle X/Y double Recirculating ballscrews
Nuts Recirculating ballnuts
Guidance X – Y 30 mm (Y) / 22mm hardened + linear guide (X)
Guidance Z 16 mm hardened
Reference Switch / Limit Switch 3x breakerless
Workspace Control Controlled by software
Drive 4 Stepping Motors / 2 on X-axis
Overall Dimension 1800 x 1400 x 2000 mm
Weight approx. 280 kg
Power Supply 380 Volt
Milling motor holder / Plasma Arc Cutter holder 43 mm Eurohals
Regular total amount without additional parts, incl. cutter and software 17.838,00 € incl. 19 % VAT

con_info Because almost 90% of the demand for a 5-channel microstep control and subsequent expansion of an additional axis, the production of the 4-channel control won’t be produced any more in the near future!

Take advantage of the High-Z as a plasma cutting machine for plasma cutting of steel, etc.