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duesseldata Says:


I’m inconsistent with your opinion about vectorizing pictures and photos is foolish. You’re right to say it needs a lot of time to achieve a proper result but I produce vector graphics as milled or engraved pictures and I know that it is possible to create all possible forms on customer’s wish with a CNC portal milling machine by HEIZ.

I often find out there’s an increasing demand for vector graphics in Germany. No matter if for advertising, graphic and graphic design, cutting technologies, CNC + cutting area or new artful representation and culture circle.

In my opinion this movement will increase further and formats like jpg, bmp a.s.o. will be replaced by vector graphics because they are free of loss during enlarging or stretching.  Furthermore I wonder that the software industry has a lot to catch up and that not much happens on market. For example Corel Trace 12 is admittedly the most popular program for vectorizing but for me it is still in its infancy and each professional vectorizing requires handicraft.

For me I achieve best results with freeware programs which still need a little bit of handicraft but  finally they enable better results than professional and very expensive renowned graphic software.

I would be glad about an e- mail if somebody can teach me something better.

Best regards Sascha Alertz