Important information: All Screenshots are made with the german version of ConstruCAM-3D !!

General Introduction.
Description for the operation of the program surface.

CAD Design.
Description of the functions for the input of drawings and design in CAD.

Label Autolayout.
Description of the layout Autolayout Program (comp. Text . Label AutoLayout).

Nameplate Input.
Navigator and work example for the engraving of ready-made nameplates.

Label and Series label.
Work specification and instruction for text and for label production for label and series label.

The Scaling Program.
Input of linear and circular scales with example.

The Scanner Program.
Edge search in pixel images.

Milling data creation (CAM).
Description of the functions in CAM area.

The Autocorrection Program.
2D/3D Autocorrection for the manufacture of cutout stamps and shapes using several tools.

Photo Engraving using GridPhoto.
Milling data from photos.

The Rhinestone Decoration Program.
Production of rhinestone templates for a milling machine.

The Projection.
Project 2D and 3D milling paths from one layer on to a 3D surface. With example processing.

The Relief Program.
Production and processing of free-form surfaces, reliefs and shapes for engraving applications.

Relief Design ReliefVTR.
Create 3D shapes from lines and contours.

Turning using HEIZ milling machines.
Creates the movements for a turning facility from a horizontal line.

Data from CorelDRAW via EPS/AI.
Work specification for the export of vector data from CorelDRAW, import into CAD, cutter offset calculation and export of the milling data to the machine.

Name tag.
Cut out a name tag with joined letters.

Work Specification Label with recessed lettering (Engadin).
Complex 2D milling at various depths, cleared outline lettering using 2 tools, holding webs and cutout in layers.

Work Specification Approach Movement (Happy Birthday).
Lettering using cutout paths, inclined approach movement into the material and layer processing.

Task description Autocorrection program.
Manufacture of a stamp, a shape with cutouts and a cutout circular stamp.

Work Specification Relief
Milling data from imported STL data.

Work Specification ReliefVTR.
Create a piece of jewellery using ReliefVTR.

Arbeitsbeschreibung Relief Schichtbearbeitung.
Reliefs in Schichten (Platten) fräsen.

Further work specifications in German language at
For this you require an Internet connection!

Specimen data for download. For this you require an Internet connection!

Specimen data for CAM for download.
Specimen data for GridPhoto for download.
(for eSIGN3Di, eSIGN Art)
Specimen data for Relief for download. (for eSIGN Art)
Relief production using CorelDRAW. (for eSIGN Art)

Software licence contract.

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June 2009