Thousands of free stl stereolithography files, a 3D CAD software and editing software for stl – Repairs ! for free ! For all cnc routers !

con_info If you follow these instructions, you can thousands stl – files (you read that correctly) download and process it, disassemble all parts of the files, even repair with a likewise free 3D viewer software, and it ultimately toolpaths * free of charge from the Internet Create free for a CNC milling machine / CNC Routers !

  • INFORMATION: How you can save thousands of Euro / dollar future:
    Three examples based GIF animations. Above. Skp files. Below the finished exported stl files

Lambo_Sketchup_free_stl_files Girl_head_sketchup_free_stl_files Hind_Heli_Sketchup_free_stl

These three animations are from the also free software to edit the files st, repair, etc.!

Lambo_ready_free_stl_files Girl_head_ready_ree_stl_files Hind_Heli_ready_free_stl

What you absolutely need for this free service the company CNC-STEP:

1. Some time, a little patience and attention (please read all complete!).
2. A PC corresponds to the current requirements (with a 486 with modem here do nothing;-))
3. The willingness to learn a little help (needed for 3D CAD software, but with video instructions and a German mentor actively supported)
  • You can actually save thousands of euros, according to the motto: Knowledge is power (and capital) It’s unbelievable but true. You will get to know the same!

Use the following 10 downloads you can advance a little inspiration. Of these, wait ten thousands from different areas on you! Technology, buildings, vehicles, biology, plants etc.
A must for all modellers, 3D designers, rapid prototyping Spezelisten, architects, mold maker etc.

  1. free stl und 3ds-Download / Lamborghini Gallardo Police car
  2. free stl und 3ds-Download / Girl Head
  3. free stl und 3ds-Download / Helicopter
  4. free stl und 3ds-Download / Tut Anch Amun, Tut Ank Amun Mask
  5. free stl und 3ds-Download / Sexy Girl Torso and Head
  6. free stl und 3ds-Download / Bathroom set
  7. free stl und 3ds-Download / Landscape of Island
  8. free stl und 3ds-Download / Lord Darth Vader from Star Wars
  9. free stl und 3ds-Download / Milling Machine Complete
  10. free stl und 3ds-Download / Chess game with all figures
con_info We have strictly adhered to the rules and Conditions of companies whose Dowloads and links, we will present you next! We earn a cent with this site and just want to ensure that you do not have to spend thousands of euros for software and stl files, you can also get quite free


Good luck and much happiness with the following instructions, you can directly relate with us !

And so’s this easy:

Register on our page (link to registration page [new window]) and send you after registration mail this to:

Good day, I registered at CNC-STEP ( and would like the url and get the instructions for the installation of you who enables me all around the world searchable in Google Sketchup 3D skp stl files (Stereo Lithography) into files. Also I ask you to send us the url to download the free software at these or own stl – represent data and repair if necessary comfortably automatically or manually, cutting, etc. can.

Email Address:


Likewise, you will get some top names to download free .3 ds-files, all of which can also be exported to. Stl 3d file!

Please for facilitated entry to all events, the two YouTube videos!

Watch the video here both to gain insight into the functions that you expect for free! Please watch part 1 first (left), then Part 2 (right). By clicking on the button at the bottom right of the video window it comes to large format – video in Full HD!

Here are some screenshots from Google SketchUp:

The mentor is in english and german language, and help at every step! With the gallery There are thousands of 3D files available!

Mentor_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein 3D_Galerie_Galery_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein

From all imaginable fields! Inventory, furniture …… ……………. Design, model

Bathroom_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein Castle_Burg_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein

Molding ! Large-scale models of EPS, XPS! For the 3D mold !

David_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein House_Architecture_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein

Modeling in 1:10 or other standards for museums, Topography; Cartographics … or for shows …….

Topographics_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein LordDarthVader_Mask_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein

Milling_Machine_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein Sexy_Girl_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein

Figures, dolls, prototypes ! And most items can be in your items break down !

Sport_Shoes_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein Tut_anch_amun_CNC_Fraesmaschinen_routers_Google_SketchUp_klein

Forms impressions ………. Firgures and character ……………

All these files can be distributed with the software Google ketchup in their individual components and of a vehicle, for example, only a rim as st -. Exported file to this later on a different scale as etc. to reproduce one of our CNC milling machines and cnc router.

All cnc milling files for free / freeware for download.