ConstrCAM 3D screenshot raster t-rex

The new Top CAD CAM software ConstruCAM-3D

The new Top CAD CAM software ConstruCAM-3D (recommended VK-price in the sum of the single modules approx. 2400.00 euros) is attached to all machine orders free of charge starting from a High z S-400T CNC milling machine (offer temporarily to at the end of of 2009, buying in addition version for provable High z owner 599.00 euros)).


ConstruCAM-3D is probably at present the most extensive and at most matured CAD CAM software on an absolutely favorable price level. Beside some CAD functions are high-quality conversion possibilities as for example a sign engraving module to the Serienschlidherstellung, VCarving and VTR for the transformation of simple 2D Vectoren in 3D stl to data at the disposal. The software for applications up to 4 axles is usable. Detailed assistance and guidance functions permit it for serving the software with little exercise very comfortably. By the decades of experience of the manufacturer and whose references we can maintain with best conscience to be able to offer hereby a new Top CAD CAM software for the minimum price. More information here.